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Manufacture of Compact Coil Spring with Cold Drawn Spring Steel Wire
The basic technological process of manufacturing compact coil spring with cold-drawn spring steel wire. Among them, the process in the dashed wire frame is a non-fixed process. Whether it can stop depends on the performance of the spring and the objective conditions of the consumer factory.
Regarding lathe coiling spring, after coiling spring process, several coiling springs are separated into single springs through cutting process. Some important springs, before grinding the end face, can add a rough height classification process to ensure the grinding quality. The grinding process can also be divided into two parts: rough grinding and fine grinding, and the deburring or chamfering can be stopped after rough grinding.
The manufacture of stretching coil spring with cold-drawn spring steel wire has special automatic spring coiling machine abroad. For some typical hook rings, the coiling process can be completed at one time. However, at present, this kind of machine tool has not been consumed in China. The tension spring hook and ring is manufactured by some special moulds, which is a special process.
It is worth noting that the stress relief tempering process after coiling spring is to eliminate the residual stress generated during the winding process, while the tempering process after hook ring manufacturing is to eliminate the internal stress generated during the manufacturing of hook ring. Although these two processes have the function of eliminating internal stress, they can not be merged into one process, because the former tempering process has both setting effect to ensure the relative position accuracy of the hook ring. And the heating temperature of the latter tempering process must not be higher than that of the former.
Unlike a compact spring
The tension spring usually does not stop the tension disposal. Because it is difficult for pellets to be sprayed on the inner surface of springs, the disposal of pellets is not stopped.
The manufacture of modified coil spring with cold-drawn spring steel wire is similar to that of tension spring. The manufacture of modified coil spring has special automatic coiling machine abroad. For some typical torsion arms, the coiling process can be completed at one time. However, at present, only the straight-tail spring coiler is needed in our country, and the torsion arm must be completed by special die in special working procedure.
At present, there are two typical technological processes for domestic consumption to change coil spring, one is to cut the coil spring at a fixed length, and then stop the coil spring and other processes, such as the process flow of double-arm torsion spring, which belongs to this example (Fig. 5-12); the other is similar to the process flow of pull spring, except that the pull spring is the manufacture of hook rings, while the torsion spring is the manufacture of torsion arms.
Because the residual stress produced in the coiling spring is opposite to the direction of the working stress, the tempering process is often omitted so that these beneficial residual stresses can reduce the peak value of the working stress. However, tempering treatment can help to stabilize the grain structure of spring material and reduce the deformation caused by collision during the transportation of spring torsion arm.
Strong torsion disposal is also a process for arranging a few special torsion springs.
Manufacture of Spiral Spring with Spring Steel Wire Supply in Annealing State
The alloy spring steel wire supplied in annealing state is mainly used to manufacture the compact coil spring. Its technological process is different from that mentioned above. The quenching and tempering should be stopped after forming. The end of the spring should be normalized while manufacturing. The other processes are basically the same.
Process Flow of Hot Coil Spring
Springs with material diameter greater than 12 mm are often called large springs, which are usually manufactured by thermoforming method. The large hot coil spring is basically a compact coil spring. Its basic technological process is shown in Fig. 5-14.
Hot coil springs are all cored coil springs. As for the tapered helical contraction spring, it is difficult to open the gear (roll out the pitch) during the winding process, so the task of opening the gear is also included in the correction process. In addition, in order to ensure quenching temperature, the correction process must be accurate and fast. Otherwise, it must be reheated during quenching. In order to improve the fatigue life of hot coil spring, it should be stopped as far as possible when conditions permit.